10-year veteran at Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center honored as Employee of the Month for July


By Mitch Talley:

If you need some clothes, a helping hand, good advice, or just a positive outlook on life, look no further than Officer Bill Robbins of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.

That’s the word from four of his fellow lawmen who successfully nominated him for Whitfield County Employee of the Month for July.

“Officer Robbins is the type of person to give the shirt off his back if someone needed it more,” Sgt. Jason Tatum said. “He is also a positive role model for the new employees to the Detention Center. You will never hear a negative comment from him, and he gives everything he has day in and day out.”

Robbins has been involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program here for years and has been a foster parent to several children, adopting three and raising them in a loving home.

“Bill is the poster man of a genuine good person,” Tatum said. “He uses this to mentor new officers and often is the person that you go to for advice or if you just need someone to talk to. Bill will be there to help carry any burden that you may need help with. In my opinion, these are very special skills limited to only a handful of people each of us will ever meet.”

Lt. David Pickett said that Robbins helped develop the sanitation practices for the Detention Division and that his attention to detail is amazing. “Bill can tell if even the smallest detail is not correct or out of place,” Pickett said.

Capt. Wesley Lynch praised Robbins as a “dedicated employee who displays a great deal of love for his work as well as for his fellow employees.”

“He is unfailingly conscientious and helpful to others,” Lynch said, “and is dedicated to assisting his co-workers in any way he can. Officer Robbins is always respectful to other staff as well as to the inmates of the facility. Bill maintains excellent attendance and is on time regularly and consistently. He works hard to make sure that all of his co-workers are taken care of and makes great strides in ensuring a positive workplace.”

Lynch said Robbins’ most significant performance issue is his humility and the great concern that he shows for his fellow workers.

“Part of a positive work environment is a culture of mutual respect and cooperation,” Lynch said. “Bill goes far, far out of his way to make sure that he does right by others and that he is respectful of others’ feelings. Bill genuinely cares about the people that he works with and also acts as an arbiter when others have conflicts at work. He works hard at both his job functions and in achieving a respectful workplace.”

Sgt. Stanley Graham Williams called Robbins “a great employee to the county,” noting he always has “a great attitude and a smile on his face.”

“When called in for overtime or a special detail, he will always come in,” Williams said. “He has even changed his plans on several occasions to fill in on a shift so that they wouldn’t be short staffed. Bill is the person that would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it, even if he knew he needed it more than you.”

To help local residents learn more about him, Robbins filled out the following fun questionnaire.

Name: Bill Robbins

Job title: Detention Officer / Deputy

Time with the county: 10 years

Where I went to high school: North Marion High School, Ocala, Fla.

My role as a county employee: To maintain safety and security at the jail.

What keeps my job interesting:  Every day is different with new tasks and challenges.

What gives me a sense of accomplishment on the job: Completing my goals for the day and feeling like I did a good job.

The most important thing I’ve done on the job: Looking out for the safety of my fellow officers.

Where I grew up: Ocala, Fla.

Family: Wife Vickie, sons Bradley and Julian, daughters Tracie and Courtney

After work, I enjoy: Spending time with my family.

Community activities: Habitat for Humanity

Favorite TV show: History Channel

Favorite sport/sport team: Football

Favorite meal: Steak

Favorite song: “Land of Confusion” by Genesis

Favorite Whitfield County restaurant: Chili’s

Favorite Whitfield County event: Prater’s Mill

I’m most proud of: Working for the Sheriff’s Office

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Cake or pie? Pie

Favorite car? Camaro

Host or be hosted? Be hosted

Early riser or sleep-in: Early Riser

Favorite vacation ever: Fishing in Florida

Pet peeve:  Laziness

If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s:  PERSEVERANCE.

Who has had the most impact on my life:  Ronald Reagan

What’s left on my bucket list:  Travel the U.S.

If I could have been in any profession of my choosing, I would have been a: Same job I have now

If I could have two wishes, they would be: Good health and peace.

The best advice I ever got: Fight through it.

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