First airing in November of 2018, "The Talk with Connie!" is a talk-variety show hosted by writer and entertainer Connie Hall-Scott with an opening monologue and interviews with local and regional entertainers, newsmakers, and ordinary people doing interesting things. Segments may include man-on-the-street interviews, games, and interactions with viewers through photo sharing and contests. The purpose is to entertain, educate, and stimulate the viewing audience and to unite the community. Topics discussed can include hot topics in our nation and/or community, with a greater focus on the individual guest and what he or she is all about - it's about people. #JoinTheTalk

On WDNN – Channels 7, 10, 23 & 49.1  


Mondays 9am & 10pm, Thursdays 2am & 5:30pm, Fridays 9am & 8pm, Saturdays 7pm, & Sundays 6:30pm

On WDGA – Channels 4, 13, 216 & 43.1 

Saturdays 9am

The Talk with Connie!

Connie Hall-Scott

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